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Land and Marine Contracting Services is pleased to offer our services and we look forward to a prolific relationship with your organization. We carry out Offshore and Inland Construction, Diving and Underwater Services as related to the Marine Sector. Over the years, LMCS has expanded their business by offering over twenty-five (25) services to customers nationwide.

We offer services to Support Businesses and Promote Sector Development in the Industrial Division.

Tank Repairs
Bolt Torqueing
Blasting and Coating of Tanks

Refinery Works - Refineries, Gas Plants & LNG Terminals.

Tank Cleaning

Scaffolding Rental

HP Washing (15,000 psi)

Tank Construction & Repairs

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (LR, BV, ABS ECT.)

Rental: Equipment, Rigs

Mechanical Repairs (Engine, Gearbox, Tailend works, Rudder, anchor windlass and Hydraulic ECT.)

Complete Electrical repairs and services (Motor, Generator and Transformer)

Pipes (Pipeline Fabrication and Installation)

Sand Blasting & Coating(Blasting & Coatings)

Fabrication and Welding: Tank Fabrication, Steel Fabrication, Welding (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Argon & Chrome)

Marine (Marine Fitters, Welding, Fabrication, Coating, Janitorial services, Scaffolding)

Ship Design and Drawing (conversion, ramp design, fire plan, construction etc)

Underwater Diving Services (Inspection, Welding, Handscraping, Tailshaft and Bow thruster repairs)

Complete tail end work for all vessels.

Specialized Welding, Equipment Installation, Civil Works (Jetty / Piers), Marine Construction Works, Building Construction.


Valves repairs

Civil & Mechanical

Heavy / Light Equipment Rental, General Maintenance.


Painting (Commercial & Industrial)

Rigging of Pipelines

Maintenance - Grass Cutting and Landscaping (over eight years’ experience)

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