Emergent Plant Fitting Works for SRU Plant

Carrying out emergent plant fitting works for start up of SRU Plant inclusive of removal of sulphur locks, Mudlegs, Blanking of nozzles and run down lines etc.

Renew Hydrant Line – Foundry

Renewal of approximately 80ft of 4” Hydrant Line

Tank 129 – Excavate & Clamp Leaking 30” VGO Line

Manually excavate and locate leak and clamp 30: VGO Suction Line

Clean Transformer Enclosures – Ref & Non-Ref

Weed Cutting, cleaning and clearing of all garbage and unwanted material from inside and around Transformer Enclosures, Air Brake Switches & Towers, Substations, Bulk Power Towers Enclosures and High Tension Poles with Cutout Isolators

Renewal of Sections of 16 inch Utilities Field Gas Line and Associated Works

Renewal of ft of 16” piping before it can be put into service inclusive of pipe supports, weld build up, excavations of test holes, renewal of shields for bellows, blasting and coating and other associated works.

CO: Rep Mtce Clean Sw/House, Sub Stn, TX

Performing of Janitorial works (Dusting, sweeping, Mopping etc.) and Grass Maintenance of Switch Houses, Sub Stations, Transformer Enclosures, Generator Cages and Switch Enclosures in Conversion Asset

SRU: Offsite Piping Inspection 2017

Miscellaneous repair works on offsite process piping(2”, 3”, 4”, 8”, 12” & 16”) associated with SRU Plant

Welding Services TPL

Includes Fabricating, Welding, Pipefitting and Miscellaneous works as required by Petrotrin

4VDU Outage: Offsite Piping Works

Maintenance works associated with 4VDU, inclusive of isolating piping, scaffolding, renewing piping of various sizes (3”, 4” 150ft, 6”, 8”, 10” 1100ft) and types (Air, Kerosene, Sour Water Line, condensate etc.)