M’tce of Landscaped Areas – Ave Gate PAP

Renew 36” Suction Line from Tank 102 – Tank 103

Renew approximately 360ft of 36inch Diameter filling line for Tank 103 to include 2 36” welded expansion joints, 2 24” spools, access platform to s/line and reposition of check valves on propane manifold at bond.

Provision of Man Hours

Fabricating, Welding and Pipefitting services done on various sizes and lengths of piping.

Repairs to Tank 15 Forest Reserve

Replacement of piping 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 16”, Civil works around tank and the Repairs and Painting of TANK 15 which has a diameter of 118ft and Height of 43ft.

Cleaning of Transformer Enclosures and Switch House

TBS – Pave Evacuation Route & Miscellaneous Works

Paving of access road 3600 square yards to the muster point also Installation of Directional Signs and Muster Point Signs

Mechanical works for Gasoline Pump House 3PH

Installation of piping and associated works(e.g. foundation works) for 2 New Gasoline Transfer Pumps at No. 3 Pumphouse

Hydrogen Plant Offsite Piping: Process Piping

Miscellaneous Repair Works on offsite piping of 2” 3” 4” 6” & 8” associated with Hydrogen Plant at Petrotrin REFINERY Pointe a Pierre

Tank 116 – Manifold: Excavate to locate Leak

Manually and mechanical excavation of roadway to locate leak also to clear under all piping spools and flanges of diameter 30”, 24”, 20”, 14”, 8”, & 6” and flanges at Tank 116 manifold and restor road way to original state.

Clean of Foaming Tank at Prilling Plant

Cleaning and Clearing of Sulphur Fine and slush in the Foaming Tank at Prilling Plant