2VBU: Repair Steam Generator E8205A 2nd Rep

I solating, pulling of bundle for shop repairs, re-installation, testing and de-isolation of North Circulating SteaM Generator

SRU – Renew Sections of Line to Main Burner

Renew 1-off section of 16” diameter pipework approximately 10ft long.

4VDU Ospp: Rnw 20” Suction Line to TK57

4VDU TA 2014: P-5512 Utility Piping

Install temporary Steam lines to Vacuum column, Welding of brackets for electrical fixtures and conduits on salt water condenser structure and wash oil reduced crude heat exchanger.

Repairs to Tank 4 Point Fortin

Replacement of piping 4” 400ft, 6” 320ft and 8” 200ft, Civil works around tank and the Repairs and Painting of TANK 4 which has a diameter of 48ft and Height of 38ft.

Residential Camp PAP: G/Cuttiing – B/Accor

Reroute Gas, Oil and Air Lines to Tank No. 65

Rerouting of the 10” Diameter Gas Oil Filling and 3” diameter Air Supply Line to Tank 65 located in West Area 1 Guaging Tank Farm Pointe a Pierre

2 Unif Ospp TA 15: Inspect Prep. # Pkg. #1

Miscellaneous repair works on offsite pipe works (1.5”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 20” & 24” diameter pipe) related to No. 2 Unifiner

V01: Mech Wk : Install Nit Gen Unit E/Area

Relocation of Occupant from #7 Endridge

Removal and Transportation of occupants possessions from #7 Endridge