4VDU TA Repairs to 65# Steam System.

Modification of 65# Steam Header Ex. Battery Limit on Isom 1.

ISOM – Upgrade NHT Line Carbon Steel to Inconel

Eastern Water Treatment Plant : Renew Leaking Piping – Raw Water

Fabricate and Install approximately 400ft of 2” and 1 1/2” new raw water piping to Candy Plant located at the Easter Water Treatment Plant.

Isom 1b-Renew SS Piping

ES: 4VDU TA P-5509 Discharge. Pipe Repair

Repairs to 1 ½” tie in to P-5509 Discharge & 4” Line from pump check valve to bypass loop.

2VBU-Modification @ Heater Pigging Piping

Cut out 4” 300# flange and replace with 4” 600# flange.

1CDU: Fab. Of New Section of Def, 6” Diameter

Fabrication of new section of defective 6” diameter Base Stock Line.

Renew K8801/8809 A& B Cooling H2O Lines

Fabricate, weld, radiograph, hydro test and install approximately 60ft of 3” and 4” Section of cooling water return line at Isom Plant

Prilling Plant: Fabricate & Weld 4” Line

Fabricate and weld to renew 4” and 6” Steam Jacketed Line from pump to distribution tray.

4VDU TA Remove/Reinst. Flange Valves