8CDU TA 13 Offsite: Piping Repair Package #3

Repair 630ft of various piping (8”, 6”) above and underground and miscellaneous works inclusive of wrapping line etc.

4VDU PH-2 13 Offsite Piping: Package. 1 – Piping Repairs

Repair works of approximately 870ft of various size piping (3”, 6”, 10”) and other works at 4VDU

Emergent Works @ HP. MEA-Absorber-2HTU

Installation of Sample Points and Other

FCCU: Plt Fit For Commissioning PAP

Plant Repairs/ Maintenance wrk for Commissioning PAP

8 CDU TA: Modify 12” Reduced Crude Line PAP

Cut W/Sites, P/Headers in GS 777 – F/Reserve

Cutlass 10 G/Stns in Point Fortin

Cut 12 G/Stns in F/Reserve